Flu Season Has Arrived...Are You Ready?

We all know that acupuncture can help strengthen your exterior (Immune System), but not many people know how beneficial Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be once the the Cold and Flu symptoms have started to take hold. Acupuncture alone can help reduce the severity and duration of the common cold. The sooner you come in for treatment, the better.

Also, there are many great herbal products that can help relieve sore throat, sinus congestion, and other related symptoms. Sometimes locating good quality herbs can be difficult depending on where you live - So in this case, I'd recommend stopping by your local pharmacy and picking up some Airborne. That's right - in addition to all of the vitamins and minerals this effervescent over-the-counter remedy provides, it also contains a number of Chinese Herbs that help with Cold and Flu symptoms.  

One of my favorite herbal products is Elderberry Syrup. Studies have shown that it can potentially be very effective at reducing flu symptoms. Learn more 
Most of you know that I am all about empowering my patients to take care of themselves. So here is a little homework. A little acupressure massage can go a long way. Massage these points to boost your immune system OR if you're already feeling symptomatic. 

Massage these points daily to boost your immune system.
Massage these points to help relieve your symptoms.

 **These points are NOT appropriate if you are pregnant**

Reducing your caffeine, sugar, and alcohol intake is HIGHLY recommended. As well as refraining from smoking...anything. All of theses substances decrease your immune system and make you more susceptible to external pathogens. 

Wash your hands, Stay Warm and Hydrated, and take Frequent Acu-Naps. And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


source: John Amaro, LAc, DC, Dipl. Ac.(NCCAOM), Dipl.Med.Ac.(IAMA)