The Science of a Hangover

So you drank a little more than you should last night and now you've got a killer hangover. 

No worries. You'll get no judgement from me. That pounding headache and nausea are punishment enough. 

I'm here to help mitigate some of the side effects of your night out on the town. After all, the more you know about alcohols effect the body, the smarter your alcohol consumption choices can be.

Learn what alcohol does to your body and learn the acupuncture-inspired cure for those nasty hangover symptoms.

Hangovers are made up of seven primary effects:  
  • dehydration 
  • inflammation
  • the effect of byproducts of alcohol metabolism 
  • the effect of alcohol congeners
  • nutritional imbalances (including low blood sugar)
  • withdrawal
  • poor sleep.
To learn more about the effects of alcohol on the body and what you can do to combat them, check out this great article by Dr. Sheila Addison - You and Your New Year's Eve Hangover

And now for your Acupressure lesson of the day! 

  • Migraine, one-sided or unilateral headaches and associated nausea, vomiting a/or visual disturbances.
  • Hangover, eases headache and harmonizes the middle jiao.
  • Indicated for cold & phlegm in the Diaphragm & ST, injury by alcohol, agitation & fullness with ceaseless vomiting.
Gall Bladder 8 (Shuai Gu or Valley Lead)

Location: above the apex of the ear, about 1/2 ear length or 2 fingers width (1.5 cun).

Hope you feel better!