The Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year 2012 is Monday, January 23rd.
The Year of the Dragon comes about once every twelve years. This year is considered the year of luck. The Chinese Dragon means good fortune in the areas of health, wealth and living a long, prosperous life.

Dragons are ancient, majestic, wise, and intelligent, and Dragon years are considered particularly auspicious for new businesses, marriage and children. Dragon years also tend to boost individual fortunes and the world economy. 

Though Dragon years can mark huge achievement, disasters can be equally immense. The Year of the Fire Dragon (1917, 1976, and 2036) typically wreaks the most havoc. 

However, the Year of the Water Dragon (1952, 1992, and 2012) is noted for its calm, visionary intelligence, and balance of right brain creativity with left brain logic. If you subscribe to the dawn-of-a-new-era theory of 2012, then it’s easy to see how the influence of the Water Dragon will increase the likelihood of success for progressive movements gaining momentum all across the globe. 

If your expectations tend more toward disaster, then you might expect tsunamis, hurricanes, monsoons and other weather extremes to be in the headlines. 

But of all the Dragon years, the 2012 Water Dragon is most likely to bestow the Chinese Five Blessings of harmony,virtuesrichesfulfillment, and longevity - adding even more weight to the growing belief that 2012 will be about breakthroughs, not disasters.

Should be an exciting year!