When it comes to New Year's Resolutions - Less is More

As the year comes to an end, in the wake of our holiday-gluttonous-guilt, we begin to compose a list of New Years Resolutions. 

How can I make the next year better? How can I be better?

When it comes to resolutions, we tend to think that bigger is better, that extreme changes will somehow erase all of the regrets of the previous year. 

Unfortunately, we tend to bite off more than we can chew. A few months into the new year we realize that we left those resolutions somewhere between January and March. 

Heres the thing - The body does not like extremes. 

In Chinese Medicine, we talk a lot about finding balance, that delicate tight-rope walk between the extremes. Achieving balance in our lives isn't a static, frozen experience.

Sometimes we teeter out of balance and we have to bring ourselves back. And that's OK.

It's important to acknowledge the potential danger of the extremes - whether you eat McDonald's everyday OR if you're a hardcore raw vegan. Trying to live in that middle place is what will bring you to true health.

So here's a thought: 

Rather than trying to set yourself up for disappointment with unrealistic resolutions, why not find small and simple ways to bring yourself back to that middle place. 

It's the small shifts in behavior that are easier to achieve and a hell of a lot more sustainable throughout the year. 

Here are simple suggestions for you:
- Start your day with 5 minutes of deep breathing 
- Try this 60 second morning acupressure routine
- Drink more water (with fresh lemon)
- Walk more
- Eat less crap
- Cut out sugar for week (or a month)
- Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!
- Stop texting and actually CALL people
- Limit your time in front of the computer
- Massage your ears
- Get Acupuncture (regularly)

Happy New Year! Let's make it a good one.