The Penis is a Dipstick for Your Health

Dr. Oz gave the National Governor's Association tips on leading healthy lives & reducing health costs. His advice to governors? Have more sex!

He also vocalized that low libido and erectile dysfunction could be a reflection of a man's overall health:
“If it’s not able to get erect, it’s a reflection that the cells that allow blood to engorge that organ aren’t working in other parts of the body; they’re not working in your kidneys, not working in your heart, your brain, your skin — there are lots of issues going on.”
Unlike most Western treatments, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can get to the root cause of sexual dysfunction, while reducing stress - the cause of many modern diseases - increasing libido and  quality of erection. 

And before you ask, NO, we do not put acupuncture needles in your penis. I get that question quite often.

Read my article about Acupuncture and Male Sexual Health to learn how acupuncture can help you have a better sex and more fulfilling sex life.

He also discusses how marijuana use, cigarette smoking, diet and nutrition are affecting the state of our national health. Watch the Full Interview with Dr. Oz on HuffPost Live.