Acupuncture for Actors and Performers

Any actor, dancer, or performer will tell you - The body is an instrument, we must treat it well.

And if you are wanting to have a long and fulfilling career as an actor or performer, you had better start taking care of your investment.

Acupuncture can help actors and performers stay healthy and strong - whether you're preparing for an audition, in the midst of rehearsals, or performing six shows a week.

In addition to pain management, acupuncture can help with:

  • Performance-related Stress and Anxiety Nervous about that big audition? Anxious about opening night? Feeling insecure about your abilities?
  • Fatigue Long rehearsal hours wearing you out? 
  • Sleep issues Not sleeping as well as you'd like? 
  • Concentration, Memory, Creativity Want to be quicker on your feet? Having a hard time memorizing those lines? 
  • Quit Smoking Feel like its time to kick the habit?
  • Immune Function Sick and tired of getting sick all the time? 
  • Look Younger Want to try a safer and more natural alternative to surgery and chemical injections? Learn more about Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture.
  • Pain Management Want to speed up recovery time and get back on stage? 

Eric brings almost two decades of performance experience to his acupuncture practice. He understands what actors and performers need to be successful and work at peak performance.

If you are a performing artist, contact Eric today to discuss your health care needs and schedule an appointment today.

Enquire about Specialized Rates, available for actors and other performing artists.